Dealer sends armed men and chopper to get his BMW car back from a customer

What is the best can you do to recover your loaned car? A South African went all Hollywood Expendables style to get back his car from a normal human being. The dealer’s attempt to get back his BMW 325 were of no use as the customer ignored his attempts.

Irritated and mostly frustrated, he took the collection to a whole new level. He hired armed professional men, who actually had working guns loaded with bullets and when that did not seem enough he backed them up with a chopper.

These men rounded up the customer at his Durban office and drew the gun on him. They asked for the keys with the backup helicopter hovering overhead. The customer was shocked at this and had no option but to surrender his car keys. He immediately called his lawyer after the incident.

The court has asked the dealer to return the car back to the customer. In the next 30 days both of the parties need to present their case and don’t be surprised if the dealer actually asks the real Expendables to join him in court.

Via: Autoblog

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

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