Corvette SR-2 Sebring Racer up for sale for a whopping $6.8 Million [Pictures]

Corvette SR 2 Sebring-Racer

A 1956 SR-2 Chevrolet Corvette Serbing Racer built by General Motors is up for sale for a whopping $6.8 million! What makes this car unique and highly expensive is the fact that this blue beauty is the first ever Corvette racecar built by General Motors.

According to Corvette Mike, the SR-2 will be put on display at the Scottsdale Sport & Classic Autocars event that kick starts from January 12 through 14.

SR stands for Serbing Racer or Special Racer. This vehicle is the first of the total three examples ever built. The car is powered by a fuel injected V8 engine, capable of churning out 331 horsepower and displaces 331 cubic inches (5.4-liter). A modern Corvette like 2015 Zo6 delivers 650 hp, so 331 is not impressive in view of the current times, however it was considered no less than a rocket during the 1950s.

The body of the car has been made using fiberglass, making it lightweight.

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