Comparison Review: Mahindra TUV300 vs Ford EcoSport 

Ford Ecosport vs TUV 300

Mahindra TUV300 and Ford EcoSport both have a flamboyant style and stature. Here I would try and compare two superheroes of the automobile world. Starting with Mahindra TUV300, it defines strength and toughness. A vehicle that cannot be bullied or intimidated. It is the toughest looking SUV in India, designed to survive difficult situations. Ford Ecosport has emerged as a new segment in SUV’s i.e. compact SUV. From 2013 (when it was first launched) till date it has been dominating the segment. The new version has minor cosmetic updates.

Power and Design:

When both of them brought together EcoSport wins the battle of power, extent and design. However, Mahindra gets more in terms of dimensions, cabin space and even seating capacity. Both come from two different worlds too – as the EcoSport is underpinned by a monocoque chassis, so everything is one wholesome thing; while the TUV300 is built on the rugged ladder-frame chassis, which, according to those at Mahindra, maintains its SUV DNA. However, both the cars have something in common – they’re both sub-compact SUVs and fall into a comparable value range, which makes this clash an exciting one.

Though EcoSport has gone through a mild update, but it fails to challenge the robust looking new Mahindra TUV300. However, one cannot take away the great performance displayed by Ford EcoSport. Therefore, we cannot decide the winner.

Capacity and comfort:

On comparing the space, Mahindra TUV300 is without any doubt more spacious, and bigger. This is visible as well as confirmed on comparing the dimensions. As it is bigger in size it offers spacious cabin with more legroom in the first row as well as the second row. While EcoSport is more like a sedan. Ford on the other hand provides you better comfort and ease. It has comfortable seat and thigh support which makes your journey more relaxed. Mahindra SUV300 outshines EcoSport in seating capacity. TUV300 offers 7 seats and Ford offers 5 seats. However, the two rear seats are not comfortable and without seat belts.

MahindraTUV300 Ford EcoSport
Length(mm) 3995 3999
Width(mm) 1835 1765
Height(mm) 1839 1708
Wheelbase(mm) 2860 2520
Ground Clearance(mm) 190 200



As far as features are concerned, both cars come with the standard packaging – Bluetooth, USB and even Aux-In. The EcoSport, however, is well equipped in terms of features. There’s the SYNC system, which comes with voice commands, and then there is also the Emergency Assistance and App-link. You get automatic climate control and yes the EcoSport is more expensive than the TUV300, but even the trim just below the Titanium+ (top-end) variant comes with more equipment than the T8 variant of the TUV300.

Power packed engines:

Going on to the engines then, both the cars are prepared with 1.5-litre diesel engines, but the one, in the EcoSport, has 4 cylinders; while the TUV300 makes do with just 3. The EcoSport also comes with 99bhp at your disposal; compared to 84bhp in the TUV300; but the latter has more torque on offer – 230Nm as compared to 205Nm, in the former.

The EcoSport of course is the faster of the two, there’s more power on offer and it’s lighter than the TUV300.The power in the TUV300 is available from as low as 1350rpm and with a larger power band and shorter gear ratios, the TUV is actually a pretty nice car to drive, as you have to deal with less of gear changes and you can happily put it in the third gear and pull from 20km/h to about 80km/h.

Ecosport gives the feeling of a sedan than SUV and is a compact unit. On the other hand TUV is a big car with higher profile tyres. The suspension setup on the TUV300 is on the softer side and at lower speeds absorbs the undulations on the road. The EcoSport, however, gets a harder suspension setting and that’s why at lower speeds, it thrashes around a bit, when dealing with a pothole, but the ride gets better, as you speed up.

The verdict:

The Ecosport might not be a value suggestion, but it’s better on fuel efficiency, has more features and drives more like a car, than an SUV, and is fundamentally the fun car (of the two) to drive as also better on build quality too. .EcoSport wins the race, but if you need a car for a big family then Mahindra TUV300 is the one. Happy driving!


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