Scientists discover massive underground liquid water lake on Mars

Scientists have discovered a massive underground lake for the first time on Mars. The new discovery has raised the possibility that more water and maybe even life exists on the red planet, astronomers said. The about 12 miles (20 kilometers) lake is located under a layer of Martian ice, said the report led by Italian […]


Truckers across India go on indefinite strike, prices of essential commodities to hit

Millions of truckers from across the country have gone on an indefinite strike from today hence affecting supplies of essential items – vegetables, milk. The strike has been called by the All-India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) demanding a slew of actions from government, including lowering diesel prices and toll fees. AIMTC includes over 93 lakh […]

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Scientists discover new ‘Meghalayan age’ in Earth’s history, call it a new chapter

The last 4,200 years have been classified by the geologists as a distinct Earth age. They have termed it a new chapter called the ‘Meghalayan Age’. The scientists say a mega-drought that destroyed a number of civilisations worldwide marked the onset of ‘Meghalayan Age’. They divide the 4.6-billion-years of existence of Earth into slices of […]


Astronomers discover 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter

Astronomers have announced that they have accidentally discovered 12 new moons that are orbiting Jupiter, the oldest and biggest planet of our solar system. The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center published the orbits for 12 newfound Jovian moons on Tuesday. With the discovery of a dozen moons, the total number of Jupiter’s moons has […]