BMW unveils electric car i3 in three continents

BMW electric car i3

BMW has launched the first production series of its all-electric ‘i3′ city car in three continents – Asia, Europe and the US.

According to the German luxury car maker, there is a huge potential in India for the BMW i3. The company is in talks with the government on the issue of sustainable mobility.

The i3 will hit sales in London by the end of 2013, while it will be available for purchase in Beijing and New York from the beginning of 2014.

The i3 will be priced 35,000 euros in Europe and USD 41,350 in the US. The price for the Chinese market has not been revealed yet.

The Group’s Board member for production Harald Krueger said: “I was in New Delhi last week. We have discussed about this with the concerned minister. We will definitely come to India as we see there is a potential market. But we cannot say when (i3 will be launched in India).”

Post Author: Rita Anand Bhatt

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