BMW starts production of C evolution Electric Scooter [Photo Gallery]

BMW C evolution

BMW Motorrad has announced the start of production for its first electric scooter called the C evolution. The bike is manufactured in the company’s Berlin-Spandau plant, which has recently built the 500,000th boxer GS machine.

The BMW C evolution is based on the proven platform which is used by C600 Sport and C650GT.

“Today we have started a new chapter in the history of BMW Motorrad and we are very proud to herald the launch of electric vehicles in the two-wheeler segment here in Berlin,” Dr. Marc Sielemann, the head of the BMW Berlin plant said.

BMW is planning to invest a €100 million ($137.23 mil) in the electric mobility segment. BMW Motorrad will have three customer versions of the electric scooter in Berlin.

The BMW C evolution will soon be available for the European customers. However, the North American markets will need to wait for some more time.


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