BMW R1200GS TripleBlack is an all-black machine

BMW R1200GS TripleBlack

BMW has revealed the R1200GS TripleBlack, which comes in a cool combination of Agate Grey and Black with silver accents.

Interestingly, the TripleBlack doesn’t have cast wheels, unlike the basic version of the big GS.

The TripleBlack features wire spoked wheels that are the Adventure ones. So, the new bike will be placed between the base GS and the flagship Adventure model.

BMW R1200GS TripleBlack

The price has not been revealed yet but it looks like it will be expensive than the base model.

This is for the first time that BMW is offering an all-black bike and it seems it was suggested by several customers. The central fuel  tank cover, fuel tank side panels and front mudguard have got a Black Storm Metallic paint.

BMW R1200GS TripleBlack

The engine block and the swingarm are all done in black, while the frame is silvery dark-grey. The bike comes with a new black-grey seat with contrasting GS stitching on the passenger seat.

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