Bike’s LED lights: Beaming Wheels, beaming safety and a beaming concept


Now this can be termed as a revolution. No one could have thought of it but thanks to the brain of an engineer and two biotech personnel from NASA, who have joined hands to evolve bike rider’s safety at night. The concept has been churned out in the wake of some of the horrendous and blood curdling accidents involving cyclists, some of them which we have unfortunately seen and read about.

The logic behind this concept is LED and some high level electronics which we shall not be discussing in this article and confusing you, but we will be explaining you the concept in a simple tone. The LED lights coupled with some geeky electrical algorithms churn out the lights as and when you turn on the switch, but the lights look bland and pathetic when the wheel is not in motion, but the lights will gain its aesthetics and magic, the moment the wheel starts spinning.


The LED’s fit in here gains its energy from the rechargeable lithium ion battery. Each wheel consists of 4 light rings which will produce lights with the help of LEDs. These light rings are significantly termed as Revolights.

The concept has gained acceptance due to its design and, most importantly, due to the fact that it will ensure quality riding experience, coupled with safety for the cyclist during nights. The concept will be launched and set for purchase by the spring of next year. Till then we can just dream of the beams or light rings on our cycle’s wheels which will make it look not only cool, but also prudent.

Source: Revolights

Post Author: Chirag Sunil Pande

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