Ban on using cellphones while driving doesn’t help prevent accident, says IIHS

Woman using cellphone while driving

Don’t you just hate it, when you get a ticket for talking on cell phone while driving? But you know that Govt. does it for your own good, so that you don’t get into accidents. Looks like the Govt. was lying like always.

Some ground-breaking revelations by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) point towards an opposite theory. CNN Money Reports that according to their findings, phones may not be the cause of accidents on roads.

IIHS crunched crash data from the states, with and without phone bans. The numbers were hardly any different. Even with the ban no. of accidents remained the same. Russ Rader, spokesperson of IIHS directly blamed drivers for accidents. He was blunt with his comment when he said “focusing on phones doesn’t deal with the full spectrum of things that distract.”

Automobile companies have tried their best to solve driving and talking at the same time problem, introducing technologies like hands free and voice-activated controls. NTSB has other ideas and might put a ban on these technologies, and falling prey to human tendencies they will ignore the laws and keep using these.

3000 distracted-driving accidents were recorded in 2010 and it is definitely a topic that requires some thinking and discussion. But, aren’t you just glad that talking on phone is not stupid and irresponsible; it’s just you who is stupid and irresponsible. Stop being one.

Via: Autoblog

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