Awesome Twosome: Akon and his Custom Spyker C8


Rappers and other celebrities like them are mostly seen in their cars which are branded and mostly known around a lot. After all they can’t go in an average Joe’s car. But Akon , like his voice has a different choice and he got himself a Spyker C8.

To tell how special the car is, we would like to tell you that this is one of the rarest cars that has a competent mix of craftsmanship, lightweight and high performance. Akon did have his say in the car as he got it customized to his taste. 20-inch Savini SV-29 Centerlock rims featuring the same paint as the bodywork along with good looking yellow calipers.


The interior also features the yellow white theme only in leather this time. The car looks amazing, except the smoked tail lights, which can be ignored considering how good it looks overall. Congratulations to Akon on buying a really different and rare car and then adding his vision to make it better.


Via: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: Akon via instagram

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