Video: Rear window LED crawler for tailgaters

Tailgaters often make you angry whenever you happen to park you precious car at a place flooded with people. Gandeep Singh, enterprising motorist has invented an amazing crawler for the tailgaters. An LED crawler about 40inches x 16inches is installed in your rear window. The crawler works on Bluetooth and you can activate it each […]

Steven Speilberg’s movie ‘Tintin’ endorses the Peugeot Brand

French carmaker Peugeot is one of the official sponsors of upcoming Steven Speilberg’s ‘The Advenbtures of Tintin: The secret of the unicorn’. Under the flag of promotion for the Speilberg movie, Puegeot launched a game on its website. Apart from the game, the French automaker also plans to provide 508 and 607 sedans to the […]

Report: US has 70,000 defective bridges; 71 drivers cross one every second

More than 70,000 bridges in the US are defective, a recent study revealed. The study that was conducted by Transportation for America means to say that an engineer has detected a structural deficiency in these bridges but the repair work is yet to be carried out. The study also says that every second at least […]

Video: “Naked Truth” – The new Volkswagen Passat commercial

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-788" src="" alt=" viagra shop uk Volkswagen Passat commercial” width=”610″ height=”334″ /> Volkswagen has worked hard towards a wonderful advertisement of the new Passat – and it does show! The new advertisement talks about ‘naked truths’. The ad is called “Win at all costs: Naked Truth”. The ad borders over the other […]