Auction: Lynx Eventer V12 HE to go under the hammer


Luxurious grand tourer, the Jaguar XJS, replaced the E-Type legend in the past and even today the vintage car enthusiasts have the same respect for this classic beauty.

But there is a shooting brake version of the XJS which is highly sought after. We are talking about the Lynx Eventer, a hand-built model.

Only 67 models of the XJS V12 HE were ever built and each one was assembled in East Sussex on a custom-made jig. The process between order and delivery took no less than 14 weeks.

The very first among the 67 is all set to go under the hammer at Silverstone Auctions’ Autumn Sale event, scheduled to take place on September 20.

“We’re no stranger to these beautiful estate cars having sold build number 40 at the Silverstone Classic Sale in July. These cars are incredibly rare and OFFER an unusual and practical classic car ownership experience,” declared managing director of Silverstone Auctions, Nick Whale.

The car is estimated to fetch between £25,000 and £30,000.

Post Author: Dinesh Chandra

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