Astronaut captures stunning pictures of ‘blood moon’ from International Space Station


Image credits: Alexander Gerst
Image credits: Alexander Gerst

An astronaut captured some stunning pictures of Friday’s total lunar eclipse from the International Space Station. Friday’s total lunar eclipse is also called as a blood moon because of its orange-red colour.

German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is a geophysicist and spaceflight veteran, launched towards the ISS on June 6. Gerst clicked the pictures of the eclipse from the space station about 250 miles above the planet.

“Just took a photo of the lunar eclipse from the International Space Station. Tricky to capture,” Gerst said in a caption for this picture. “The slight hue of blue is actually the Earth’s atmosphere, just before the moon is ‘diving into it.'”

“A partially eclipsed moon, with our neighbuoring [sic] planet in the background, just before diving into Earth’s atmosphere. Just magical,” Gerst said of this image.

“Caught the moon leaving Earth’s core shadow, just before setting over the South Atlantic,” Gerst said of this photo. “Last photo of the lunar eclipse taken from ISS.”

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