8-year-old boy learns driving on YouTube, drives SUV to McDonald’s. What happens next?

8-Year-Old Kid Learns To Drive On YouTube, Goes To McDonald's

YouTube is one such platform where you can learn toughest of things from singing to driving. An 8-year-old boy followed YouTube to learn car driving and apparently the lesson was successful. He drove an SUV to McDonald’s ordering booth in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Shocked after seeing a little boy behind the wheel of a big car, some concerned drivers informed the police. According to eyewitnesses, the kid followed all the traffic rules while driving the car. However, he was underage and didn’t have a licence.

Furthermore, he was not alone in the car. His four-year-old sister was also sitting in the back of their dad’s vehicle.

As per reports, the parents of the kids had fallen asleep. The children had a craving for McDonald’s and the child knew the restaurant was close to their home.

It was definitely risky for a small kid to drive the car and the entire trip included intersections, rail road tracks and various left and right turns.

Editor’s note: The incident could’ve been turned untoward. Parents are requested to take care of their kids and never allow such thing to happen.

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