Now send and recieve money via WhatsApp, here’s how


Soon, you will be able to send and receive money via WhatsApp as the popular chat app has started testing its Unified Payment Interface-based payment service in India.

Though WhatsApp has not officially launched the service in India yet, it has introduced it to a small group of users.

WhatsApp has plans to officially roll out the service in the next few months. But still you can get it even before the
official release.

For now, it’s an invite-only feature, much like WhatsApp did during the testing phase of its voice calling feature. Users
who already have the UPI feature can distribute it among their contacts.

To get the payment service right now, you will have to look for a friend who has this feature enabled on their WhatsApp.

Here is how you can get the UPI feature:

  • If you have the feature enabled, open a contact’s chat and click on the attach icon
  • Under the attach icon, open ‘Payment’ and facilitate a transaction
  • A prompt will say that the transaction has failed, but fret not as your contact will receive the feature on their WhatsApp

Post Author: Meenakshi

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