Roland Sands to display Indian Chieftain-based Custom Racer at Sturgis

Chieftain based Custom Race

Roland Sands has created an all-new custom racer based on the Indian Chieftain and it will be on display at Sturgis.

RED created the a completely bespoke flat track racer using the Thunder Stroke 111 engine from a modern-day Chieftain.

The engine and few other parts have been retained, rest all is custom-made. Sands has created a chrome frame around the engine and you also find a modified Kiwi Indian leaf-sprung fork.

The seat has been built by well-known skateboard maker Paul Schmitt, who used laminated wood to craft it.

A Fox Shox DHX unit controls the front part of the bike, which has got the quick-change flat-track wheels. In place of front brake, a single RSD caliper is used.

Good work Roland Sands!

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