Lumos is a smart helmet with lights

Lumos Helmet

Lumos is a smart bicycle helmet which is sleek and nicely crafted. Lumos was first a prototype and it received a great response from users.

The Lumos, created by Eu-wen Ding and Jeff Chen, is likely to hit production this fall and the first helmets will be sold worldwide in April 2016.

Ding and Chen are avid cyclists and they understand the needs of the bikers during low-light conditions. So, they came up with this idea of creating a helmet with more than 60 LEDs that are grouped in several modules. 14 White lights are placed as headlight that allows others to see the cyclist from the front, while 16 red ones are put on the back.

A group of LEDs have been placed in shape of two outside facing arrows that work as turn signals. The turn signals can be activated using a button.

Interestingly, Lumos comes with an accedlerometer that lights up all the LEDs at the back when the rider starts slowing down. It works just like a motorcycle or automotive brake light system.

The Lumos helmet is powered by a small and lightweight 1000mAh rechargeable battery. You can easily connect it to any microUSB source and you also get a small charger with the package.

The battery when full charged lasts for 2.5 hours. The Turn Signal Remote needs a common CR2032 button cell to work. Completely waterproof, the Lumos weighs 410 grams (under a pound).

The Lumos has got the CPSC helmet Safety Certifications for the US, and EN1078 for street use in Europe. Lumos will be available for $119 (€108) plus shipping, and will come in two sizes.

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