LOL: Guy meets with 5 accidents in one minute [Video]

accident in china

Have you ever witnessed a scene where a person meets with accidents one after another, that too within a minute? Well, if you haven’t, here we bring you a video which will bring you peals of laughter.

When we at vehiclepassion watched it, we broke into laughter! Though, at the same time, we felt pity for the guy.

The video shows a man riding a scooter with another guy sitting on the backseat on a busy street apparently in China.

He first crashes into a van, falls down. He picks his scooter and as soon as the guy comes out of the van, he takes no time to flee, but oh, he hits another car, doesn’t fall down this time. When the gentleman from the car gets down, he again sits on his scooter and tries to run away, but oops again he almost hits a two-wheeler!

Then again he tries to run away in speed, but OMG he hits a bus and is hurt in the stomach. He holds his stomach, gets down from his scooter and walks around for sometime and again as soon as the bus driver gets off, he runs again and in the funniest accident ever, he falls down in a pit.

The entire thing happened at one place and was caught on a CCTV camera. The video will undoubtedly make you laugh out loud but it was indeed not a good day for this poor guy!

Post Author: Dinesh Chandra

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