2013 Range Rover SDV8 tows Airstream Trailer Caravan [Photo Gallery]

Range Rover SDV8

In a bid to prove itself strong and mightier, the 2013 Range Rover SDV8 towed and pulled the Airstream caravan trailer right from England to Morocco back to England.

It was an 11 days journey and it was all made possible with the 339 PS turbodiesel in the SDV8. The SUV with the help of this powerful engine pulled 2,399 kg (5,289 pounds) of Airstream caravan across 3,676 miles (5,915 kilometers).

“The new Range Rover’s towing ability is nothing short of stunning. It pulled the two and a half tonne Airstream like it simply wasn’t there,” said Ben Samuelson. His firm Samuelson Wylie Associates had organized the journey.

“You can compare the Airstream to a boutique hotel – albeit a mobile one – and taking this combination of rig on your travels injects some serious style and comfort,” Samuelson added.

Source: Land Rover

Post Author: Rita Anand Bhatt

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